SCADA (SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION) Under R-APDRP (Restructured Accelerated Power Development Programme

  • SCADA Part-A ( IT Components):
    • Under R-APDRP Part-A implementation of SACDA/DMS-IT Components in Visakhapatnam city was sanctioned at a cost of Rs.13.16 Crores.
    • The works awarded to M/s. Chemtrols Industries Ltd., Mumbai on 100% turnkey basis.

    Status of works:

    • All installation and commissioning works were completed.

  • SCADA Part-B ( Electrical Components):
    • Under R-APDRP implementation, SCADA Part-B (Electrical Components) was sanctioned in Visakhapatnam City at cost of Rs.21.42 Crs.
    • Works awarded to
      • IEDs: M/s. Vishwanath Projects (P) Ltd & M/s. VTC Engineering (P) Ltd.
      • RMUs: M/s. Kumar Raja Projects (P) Ltd
      • Power Transformer temparature monitoring devices: : M/s. Power Engineering Associates

    Present Status:

    • RMUs: All 145 Nos. installation and commissioning works were completed.
    • IEDs: All 299 Nos. of IEDs were installed and commissioned.
    • Temperature monitoring devices: All 52 Nos. installed and commissioned.