Name of the Project: Re-structured Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Program (RAPDRP Part-A):

Objective: Strengthening of IT infrastructure and services.

  RAPDRP Introduction:

The Govt. of India in its 10th plan started Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Program (APDRP) for reforms in power distribution sector with the following objective:

  •      Reduction of AT&C losses
  •      Bringing out commercial viability
  •      Reduce outages and interruptions and
  •      Increasing consumer satisfaction


Need was felt to continue the initiative of APDRP in 11th plan as well with additional components. 

The program was re-designated as Re-structured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Program (R-APDRP). It has two components viz. Part-A for IT initiatives and Part-B for Electrical Network strengthening.


RAPDRP Part - A IT Initiatives:

On review of the status and benefits achieved of APDRP, it was felt that to have sustainable distribution business, it is essential to give impetus to IT enabling of the sector on an integrated platform. The IT platform shall assist in capturing and validating the energy and revenue model to gather in a transparent manner with accuracy.

The project for implementing IT Initiatives in APEPDCL under R-APDRP (Part-A) was sanctioned for Rs.61.447 Crores covering 29 towns.

  Under Part-A, there are three groups viz.

  • Packages essentially required by most Utilities for setting up an IT backbone for collection of baseline data, Energy Accounting / Auditing and establishment of Customer care  centres such as   MDAS, Energy Audit, New Connection, Disconnection & dismantling, GIS based customer indexing, GIS based Network analysis, Centralized customer care      centre, MIS & Web Self Service.
  • Requirement based implementation of Commercial Processes like Metering ,Billing and Collection for Utilities, who do not have such IT enabled systems
  • Other Optional Application Packages like Asset management and Maintenance management.


R-APDRP Project: Modules and implementation works cover under Part - A (IT)

  • Meter Data Acquisition System (MDAS) : The main objective is to acquire meter data from selected DTR's, Feeders, HT services, and Boundary  meters automatically from remoteavoiding any human intervention, monitor important distribution parameters, use meter data for accurate billing purposes and generate exceptions and MIS reports for proper planning, monitoring, decision support and taking corrective actions on the business activities by the management. Data from around  21114 meters is  retrieved daily and various exceptions reports are generated from this MDAS module.
  • GIS based customer indexing and asset mapping is planned for 14.98 lac consumer services in 29 towns.
  • GIS based integrated network analysis module .The module shall be able to perform several types of analysis on balanced or unbalanced three-phase, two phase and single-phase systems that are operated in radial, looped, meshed or mixed configurations. The system shall be able to create "what-if" studies and perform simulations to evaluate the impact of modifications to existing network.
  • Energy Audit module is used to monitor important distribution parameters, capture hierarchical view of energy accounting, Network assets of power distribution utilities, intelligent analysis tools for plugging loop holes and identifying revenue leakage, adding into perform network planning and management activities, calculate / identify technical and commercial losses at any point in the network.
  • MIS Reporting: The specification covers maintenance and generation of various management information reports required for top management, middle level management and respective unit offices.
  • Web Self Service The goal is to provide a high quality experience for the customers and business associates that will provide them a user friendly web portal that will make it easy for them to communicate with the utility though the web instead of direct phone calls or visits. This portal will also act as a source of information for the customers regarding policies and procedures. This in turn will improve customer satisfaction and reduce work load on the employees.
  • Centralized Call Center (CCC) is setup in Visakhapatnam corporate office for receiving consumer complaints on power outages and other related issues.
  • Other components covered are:
    • Deployment of IT infrastructure in 150 specified offices under the project area.
    • Establishment of Data Centre & Disaster Recovery center. They are installed and 
    • Commissioned at Hyderabad and Tirupati locations respectively.


Scope and current status:

  • Centralized Customer Care Center Setup
    • Gone Live in APEPDCL since Dec 2011.
  • Deployment of IT infrastructure in specified offices under project area
    • Completed in APEPDCL in Marā??2012.
  • Installation & Commissioning of Data Centre & Disaster Recovery Centre.
    • DC & DR is operational since Sep2011 & Decā??2012
  • Development of various software modules and legacy integration
    • All software modules being used by end users since 2013
  • GIS based electrical Network mapping and consumer indexing in 29 Towns
    • Completed with multiple iterations beyond the initial agreement Qty 
  • Town wise Go Live Declaration
    • Completed 29 towns out of 29 in APEPDCL
  • Town wise Baseline MIS reports
    • MIS reports generated for 28 towns in APEPDCL


SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): 

PART-A: (IT Components):                  

An amount of Rs.13.16 Crs. sanctioned for Visakhapatnam Town. Agreement entered with M/s. Chemtrols on 08-07-2014. Works are under progress. The scheme closing date is 26.09.2016.

Scope of work:

1)   Field survey, Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of SCADA-DMS Software Applications, Hardware including PCs, Servers, Routers, Switches, UPS, RTUs, FRTUs, MFTs, Communication equipment,  Aux power supply etc, software like Data base, Network management (LAN, WAN) etc.

2)    Integration with existing /under implementation Billing, Customer Care System, GIS System under R-APDRP and any other relevant system etc.

3)   Facility Management Services (FMS) for maintaining infrastructure, post successful completion of acceptance testing for period of five years from the date of completion of acceptance test.

4)   The Hardware and Software application and configuration for SCADA-DMS control centre at APEPDCL Corporate Office, Data Recovery Centre at APSPDCL Tirupathi.

5)   Total 48 Nos. Substations in the Visakhapatnam City are limited to 28 Nos. in the 1st Phase covered in the SCADA-DMS project.


PART-B (Electrical Components):      Project sanctioned by M/s. PFC for Rs.21.42Crs. for Visakhapatnam Town. Tendering is under process. The scheme closing date is 31.03.2017.

  Scope of work:            

Various SCADA compatible electrical equipment like 145 Ring Main units, 40 Nos 33KV & 11KV VCBs, 432 Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), 87 Nos Power Transformer Temperature monitoring devices and 50Nos 24V DC Battery Charger units have been proposed at 48 Nos 33/11KV substations.