Following the advent of power reforms in the country, the Eastern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited (APEPDCL) was formed on the 31st of March, 2000, to serve as a Distribution Company of AP Transco.
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  RAPDRP D1,D2,D3,D4 Formats For PFC(Updated)
  Replies to the Objection on True-up Petitions 2nd Control Period
  RAPDRP D1,D2,D3,D4 Formats For PFC
  Petition and Public notice on DEFP
  EESL - Implementation schedule of AgDSM Project
  replies to the objections received
  e-office application form and filling procedure
  Sub-Er-Verification of certificates on 29.08.2015
  APERC Public Notice
  Transfer Guidelines 2015-16 to be followed
  Independence Day Meritorious Certificates List
  Unauthorised absence of employees - Instructions
  House repairs Advances-Willing -Un-willing called for
  Sub-Er. Final Result (Incl. in-service weightage marks) - RJY
  Sub-Er. Final Result (Incl. in-service weightage marks) - ELR
  Sub-Er. Final Result (Incl. in-service weightage marks) - VZM
  Sub-Er. Final Result (Incl. in-service weightage marks) - SKLM
  House Building Advance Applicants List & Willingness Format
  Motor Car Loans - Applicants list & Willingness Format
  Appointment By Transfer Sub-Engg to AAE-Orders
  Implementation of Centralized Payment System
  Creating of Pay&Accts wing-Nomination on deputation
  RFP for monitoring of Energy savings in DELP scheme
  DC cases certain instructions issued
  Revalidated DPR by EESL for 2496 nos. of pump sets at Rajanagaram Mandal
  Tariff Order 2015-16 (Telugu)
  Tariff Order 2015-16
  APEPDCL's Wheeling Tariff FY2015-16.
  RFQ for Procurement of Electricity for 1000 MW capacity under long term by APDISCOMS.
  ARR & FPT Filing of EPDCL for FY 2015-16
  500MW AP Solar Bid - List of Qualified Bidders and Quoted tariff
  Revised SOP Norms
  Agriculture Power Supply Information.
  APEPDCL has been awarded National Award for E-Governance for the year 2012-13.
  APEPDCL has introduced "Employee Charter" to improve services for its employees.
  APEPDCL got Gold & Bronze Shields in the category of best rural distribution franchisee.
  APEPDCL got Silver shield in the category of Best performing Distribution Company.
UG CABLE PROJECT - RFP issued to 6 no's shortlisted environmental consulting firms
e-office notice board
RAPDRP D1,D2,D3,D4 Formats For PFC
Trueup Petition of Distn&Retail supply Busines
Petition&Public notice on review of wheeltariff
Solar Rooftop Net metering Policy 2015
CSR Policy
Instructions on Employee performance report
Replies to Objections on ARR filing for FY2015-16
Performance Monitoring Formats
ARR & FPT Filing of EPDCL for FY 2015-16
Corrigendum 11-dt.30.09.14 : Revised Rfs Bid for procurment of 500MW Solar Power
DTR Exception Reports
APERC Related (Tariff, FSA.),
Implementation of Solar Pumping Programme for irrigation - Guidelines
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