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APEPDCL - HRD/IR - Festivals-Ramzan Festival-Permission to Muslim Employees working in APEPDCL to leave Office early by an hour in the evenings from 06.05.2019 to 05.06.2019 -Accorded - Orders issued - Reg.
APEPDCL - HRD/IR - Elections to A.P. Legislative Council - Graduates/Teachers Constituencies on 22.03.2019 - Sanction of Special Casual Leave on the day of Poll - Orders Issued by AP TRANSCO-Adoption of orders - Regarding.
APEPDCL-HRD/Estt.-I - Willingness of Junior Assistants to work in P&G Service of HRD Wing in Corporate Office / Visakhapatnam on permanent absorption basis - Called for.
APEPDCL − HRD/lR − ALLOWANCES − Revision of Allowances to the Employees coming under Workmen and Other than Workmen category working at various places in APEPDCL
Complaints Committee to deter or prevent the commission of acts of sexual harassment of Women Employees in APEPDCL-Orders -Issued
Not assumed charge at the place of posting – Notice - DNo 161090 Dt 02.05.18
Not assumed charge at the place of posting – Notice - DNo 161089 Dt 02.05.18
Willingness of Senior Assistants to work in Accounts Service of Corporate Office on Permanent Basis
AAEs - Civil Final seniority list as on 01-09-2017
AEs Civil final seniority list as on 01-09-2017
Provisional Integrated Service Particulars (Seniority Lists) of Sub-Engineers (El.) and O&M Staff excluding YCB as on 26.11.2012 in APEPDCL
APEPDCL - HRD/IR - Providing of ESI facility to outsourced workers engaged through contractor working in various offices of APEPDCL including Operation Circles - Furhter instructions - Issued.
Departmental examinations on 9th and 10 th of Dec-2017
AP Reorganization Act,2014 Enhancement of age of superannuation retrospectively with effect from 02.06.2014 Allow to pay terminal benefits after 18.10.2017 Orders Issued.
Provisional Seniority List of AEs - Civil
Provisional Seniority List of AAEs-Civil
Integrated Final Seniority list of JAOs
Loans & Advances − APEPDCL − Applications received from certain employees for loan for House Building Adv. 2017−18 − Willing ƒUn−Willing called for −Reg.
Enhancement of age of superannuation from 58 years to 60 years with retrospective effect from 02.06.2014 — Remittance of pensionary benefits – Extension of time up to 18.10.2017 – Orders - Issued.
List of retired employees - to be reinducted
AP Re-organization Act,2014- Enhancement of Age of superannuation retrospectively with effect from 02-06-2014
Final Seniority List of CGMs in Accounts Services
APERC Compensation to Victims of Electrical Accidents Regulation No.2 of 2017
AEs - senioirty provisional
Seniority List - SE-GM - Electrical
Seniority lIst - SE-EE - Civil
Seniority List - GMs - Accounts
Seniority List - GM - P&G
Seniority List - DGM -P&G
Seniority List - DEs - Electrical
Seniority List - CGM - Electrical
Seniority List - CGM - Accounts
Seniority List - AEE-Civil
Seniority List - AE-AAE - Civil
Seniority List - ADE-Telecom&IT
Seniority list -ADEs - Electrical
Incharge ADE order of N.Suman, AE/D2/VZM
Time Lines fixed against certain subjects of HRD
Willingness called for House building, House repairs, House site, Motor Car loans
Compassionate appointment of younger brother / sister of govt.employee who remained unmarried
Sai Hospital,RJY
Proper maintenance & monitoring the defence of court cases-1
Enhancement of age of superannuation from 58 to 60 years
Non-recognition of degrees Diplomas further Instructions
Prohibition of strikes in all Services under the Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited and Four Distribution Companies for a period of (6) months - Reg
APEPDCL-HRD-IR- Engagement of Contract Labour on works contract basis- In -corporation of clauses in the agreement-Instructions-Issued.
Submission of proposals for providing of employment to the dependent of the deceased employee/ dependent of the employee retired on Medical Invalidation - Certain instructions - Issued
Circular-825-11 of 15-12-11
Circular-743-11 of 04-11-11
Circular-672-11 of 22-09-2011
Circular-335-11 of 30-04-11
Circular-71-12 of 16-02-11
Circular 504-11 of 13-07-2011
Circular 842-10 of 20-11-2010
Circular 694-08 of 24-09-08
Circular 334-08 of 27-06-08
Payment of wages to the contract labour
EPDCL-Q.C.Wing-Construction of plinth and SinglePole structures for mounting of Distribution Transformers with different specifications are observed - Implementation of guidelines already communicated - Reg.
APEPDCL-QC Wing-New LT Agriculture services and other services released in operation circles Rajahmundry & Eluru of APEPDCL-Certain General Remarks Observed-Reg
IR-APEPDCL-O&M -Regularization of services of contract junior linemen who were appointed on yearly contract basis w.e.f. 03.10.2008 instead of 10.11.2009. - Orders - Issued.
IR - APEPDCL - Providing of employment to the dependents of CJLMs - instructions - Issued
EPDCL - QC Wing - Certain guidelines for construction of plinth fir erection of DTRs
EPDCL - QC Wing - Certain guidelines for construction of plinth for erection of DTRs
IR - APEPDCL - Conveyance Charges - Actual Conveyance Charges with in twin cities of Hyderabad and secunderabad - Revised orders - Issued.
Providing of Locators in the home page of website
IR - APEPDCL - Revival of scheme of compassionate appointments to the dependents of employees who retire on medical invalidation - Orders issued - Certain instructions - Regarding
IR - APEPDCL - Allowances - Conveyance allowance to Superintending Engineer and equivalent cadres at Corporate Office,Visakhapatnam - Orders - issued
APEPDCL - VSP - Departmental and Non-departmental fatal/ Non-fatal accidents - Prompt submission of reports on accidents and proper analysis of accidents - Instructions issued
APEPDCL - Property Returns - Submission of Movable/ Immovable property returns by the employees - Certain instructions - Issued
APEPDCL - Performance indicators - Regular monitoring of - Allotment of senior officers to circles
EPDCL, VSP - P&MM - Prevention of misuse of material and streamlining of procedures - Guidelines issued
A.P.E.P.D.C.L.- Proposed Review meeting with all Divisional Engineers (Operation), SAOs and Superintending Engineers (Operation) A.P.E.P.D.C.L. on 19-06-10
Layout electrification guidelines-instructions
Releasing of services and entering in EPIMRS - instructions issued
EPDCL - QC/Wing - Defects noticed during inspection of works - Certain instructions issued - Reg
EPDCL - EP-IMRS - Instructions relating to making - Zeros - in respect of certain items in EP-IMRS - Issued.
In order to streamline and bring up to date the implementation of RAS and EP-IMRS, the following activities should be completed by 20th February, 2010.
APEPDCL misappropriation of materials and funds instructions issued.
APEPDCL remittance of cash and instruments collection of EROs
APEPDCL release of agl.services certain instructions
APEPDCL-O&CS-Release of services to Apartments/Group Houses having more than 10 Mts. Height (excluding stilt floor)-Certain guidelines-Issued
Capital and R&M Works carried out by Field Engineers - Quality Control Inspections - Common Defects found during inspections - Remidial actions - Communicated
EPDCL Improving the effectiveness of Spot Billing - Certain Instructions
HRD - APEPDCL - Delegation of Powers regarding sanction of Leaves - Amendment
APEPDCL - Improvement of services at Stage-I call centers - instructions - issued
A.P.E.P.D.C.L. Billing defects - certain instructions
certain instructions on registering of applications at call centers
EPDCL - Earned Leave - Surrender of Earned Leave - Encashment during the current Financial year 2009-10 - Adoption of clarification issued by A.P.Transco
Quality control inspections. certain instructions issued to field officers
Streamlining of Customer Care Centers in releasing of new service connections - certain instructions - issued
Instructions on release of services through call centers
Allocation of certain O&M posts created vide EOO (HRD) Ms.No.130, dt. 25-05-07 and EOO (HRD)Ms.No.192, dt. 19-09-09 - Orders - Issued.
Allocation of certain posts created vide EOO (HRD)Ms.No.192, dt. 19-09-09 - Orders - Issued
Conducting of Consumer Grievances Redressal Forums at Circles
APEPDCL - Formation of new Call Centers - Certain Instructions Issued
Service delivery on employees problems by the HRD - Certain timeframes for disposal fixed - Implementaion of Employees Charter - Amendment
APEPDCL - Intensive inspections of Sections and Sub-Divisions
Material drawn and laying in the section offices without utilization - clearance of material by 31-08-09
Preparation of estimates at Section level, preparation of work bills, maintenance of meters account and maintenance of material account - Certain Instructions
Spot Billing agencies - Discrepancies in billing noticed - certain Instructions issued
APEPDCL - Spot billing - Meter change status(04) noted instead of Meter Stuckup and Meter Burnt status to avoid CAT Exceptionals and EPIMRS Exceptionals - certain instructions
Wasteful expenditure in certain offices - certain instructions
Nominating Nodal Officers for expediting the implementation of EP-IMRS
Surrender of Earned Leave - Encashment during the current Financial Year 2009-10 - Adoption of Government Instructions
Procurement of Distribution Transformers by the prospective consumers - Revised Guidelines
Execution of Works under turnkey by the prospective consumers - Revised Guidelines
Attending of all section officers to the offices by 8.00 AM - Certain Instructions issued
APEPDCL - Providing of Terminal Cover Seals - certain Instructions Issued
Issue of Rolling Stock Meters to the Section Officers - certain Instructions Issued
Procerement of R&M Materials by the Section Officers - non utilization property
Special Drive to Reconsile Section Wise Meetring Account,Account of R&M Matrial and closing of Work Orders
Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme 1976, amended with effect from 1st March 1990. Application for Relaxation under section 28(7)-Regarding
Certain irregularities noticed in R & M Works - Instructions Issued, Dated: 23-04-2009
Maintenance of registers in Sections - certain Instructions, Dated: 21-04-2009
Drive for reduction losses by reducing the technical losses, Dated: 17-04-2009
Material Drawls from District Stores, Dated: 17-04-2009
Closing of Work Orders - Stoppage of Salaries, Dated: 17-04-2009
Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme 1976, amended with effect from 1st March 1990. Application for Relaxation, Dt:03-04-2009
Improvement of Performance on certain parameters - Instructions, Dated: 19-03-2009
Introduction of Incentive Scheme on a Pilot Basis in APEPDCL, Dated: 28-02-2009
Handing over of removed meters to MRT - reconciliation certificate, Dated: 10-02-2009
Reconciliation of Rolling Stock with MRT from Field, Dated: 09-02-2009
Economy in expenditure for the FY 2012-13 - Certain instructions- Issued.
Dealing with UN-AUTHORISED ABSENCES cases - Certain Instructions - Issued.
HRD/IR-Medical-Amendement to Additional Scheme to the Modified Medical scheme to APEPDCL Employee/Pensioners and their dependents/Family pensioners Adoption-Orders -Issued-Reg.
HRD/ESTT - Paternity Leave to Male Employees - Clarification issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh - Adoption of Government Orders - Issued.
HRD - MPS - MPP - Entrusting the manning of o & M of 33/11 KV Sub-Stations and other works - Certain Guidelines - Administrative Orders Issued - Kept in abeyance Reg.
APEPDCL - Medical - Additional Scheme to the Modified Medical Scheme to APEPDCL Employees/Pensioners and their Dependents/Family Pensioners Adoption - Orders - Issued - Reg.
APTransco - Medical - Certain clarifications sought by APCPDCL regarding the Modified Medical Scheme - Regarding.
APEPDCL - QC Wing - Transpotation of line materials other than supports from section office to work spot - Clarification - Reg.
EPDCL - Q.C.Wing - Execution of works, certain item of works not possible to inspect the quality and quantity after completion of work by the contactors - Issuing of guide lines to field Engineers - Reg.