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"Dial 180042555333" service is provided round- the-clock for 365 days for remedial measures to be taken and speedy disposal of complaints through Electricity Call Centres.

Customers can register their complaints remotely over phone by calling up a centralised phone number '180042555333' on a 24 * 7 basis (24 hours a day and 7 days a week).

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Electricity Call Center

A unique complaint registration number is given to the customer immediately after the complaint is registered. This enables the customer to make enquires related to the status of the complaint.

How does a ECC function?

Step 1:

Call 180042555333. A Call Center Executive, will receive your call. Complaints can be either individual complaints such as supply failure in an individual house or a general complaint like a pole leaning.

Step 2:

The following information is to be provided to the call center operator:
  • For  General Complaints
    For registering general complaints, the consumer needs to specify the exact nature of complaint, the location, Telephone number and Name. The consumer need not provide any details relating to his / her individual service connection.

  •  Individual Consumer Complaints
    For registering complaints relating to individual consumer problems, the consumer needs to provide details relating to his Service Number, Phone Number and the Complainant Name along with nature of complaint.

Step 3:

The Call Center Executive will register your complaint and provide you a unique registration number, which you need to retain for further status enquiry. Further, you will be informed about the time frame within which your complaint will be rectified.

Step 4:

The Call Center Executive calls up the field staff for rectifying the registered complaint. The field staff, after attending to the complaint and performing the necessary rectification works, reports back the status to the Call Center Executive.

Step 5:

In case the consumer wishes to enquire about the status of the registered complaint, he / she is welcome to call up 180042555333 and enquire about the status by providing the unique registration number.

Step 6:

Once the complaint is rectified, the Call Center Executive will call you to inform about the status of complaint and the complaint is treated as closed.

Step 7:

In case your complaint in not rectified in the stipulated time, or not rectified to your satisfaction, the complaint is escalated to the notice of higher authorities for prompt remedial action.

Classification of Complaints

Complaints are classified either as Section Related or Supply Related, the details of which are as follows:

S.No  Type of Complaint  Nature of Complaint  Service Level Time Frame 
1. Normal Fuse-off calls Supply failure -- total area 6 Actual hrs.
Supply failure -- Individual  4 Working hrs.
Supply failure -- 1 phase  4 Working hrs.
Dim supply 6 Actual hrs.
SC Wire Broken 6 Actual hrs.
SC Wire Loose Connection 4 Working hrs.
Sparking on Pole 24 hrs.
Section Fault 4 Actual hrs.
Mains/Meter/Wall Shock 4 Actual hrs.
Sparking at Meter 4 Actual hrs.
Supply Failed Total Area 6 Actual hrs.
Frequent Failure of Power Supply 24 hrs.
Over Head Line/Cable Break Down 6 Actual hrs.
Under Ground Cable Break Down 12 Actual hrs.
Scheduled  Outages 12 Actual hrs.
SC Wire Damage 7 Days
Meter Burnt 7 Days
Voltage Fluctuation 10 Days
Low Voltage 10 Days
High Voltage 10 Days
2. Transformer Related Transformer-Smoke/Flemes 24 hrs.
Transformer-Cable/Lugs Burnt 24 hrs.
Transformer-Sparking at Pole 24 hrs.
Transformer-Oil Leaking 24 hrs.
DTR Failure (Cities & Towns) 24 hrs.
DTR Failure (Rural) 2 Days
3. Pole Related Complaints Pole Shocked 6 Actual hrs.
Pole Leaning 10 Days
Pole Fell Down 6 Actual hrs.
Pole Rusted / Damaged 10 Days
4. Line Related Complaints Line Snapped 6 Actual hrs.
Line Bunched/Twisted 6 Actual hrs.
Line Tree Branches Touch in 5 Days
Loose Span 10 Days
Stay Wire Cut 10 Days
5. Other Supply Related 10 Days