APERC Related (Tariff, FSA.)
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Replies to Objections Suggestions raised by the public on ARR filing of Retail Supply Business for FY 2014-15
Implementation of Domestic Efficient Fans Programme (DEFP) in APEPDCL area (Except Narsapuram Revenue Division of W.G.Dist)
Public Notice in the matter of determination of Cross Subsidy Surcharge for FY 2005-06 to FY 2012-13 and for FY 2015-16
Filing of Cross Subsidy Surcharge (CSS) for FY 2016-17
Replies to the Objections on ARR & FPT FOR FY: 2016-17 OF APEPDCL
ARR Filing and Tariff Proposal for Retail Supply Business for FY 2016-17
ARRFiling for Retail Supply Business for FY:2016-17
Replies to the Objection on True-up Petitions 2nd Control Period
Revalidated DPR by EESL for 2496 nos. of pump sets at Rajanagaram Mandal
500MW AP Solar Bid - List of Qualified Bidders and Quoted tariff
RFQ for Procurement of Electricity for 1000 MW capacity under long term by APDISCOMS.
APEPDCL's Wheeling Tariff FY2015-16
Tariff Order 2015-16
Tariff Order 2015-16 (Telugu)
Replies to Objections on ARR filing for FY2015-16
National Awards For Meritorious Performance in Power Distribution Sector
Revised SOP Norms
ARR & FPT Filing of EPDCL for FY 2015-16