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In its drive towards enhanced customer service, APEPDCL offers its customers several forms of Customer Management Centers (CMC) across it's operational area comprising ECC (Electricity Call Centres) , CSC (Customer Service Centres)  & CCC (Computerised Collection Centres)  to deal with issues related to fuse-off call & supply, billing and metering  related complaints, bill payment and other related issues. 

Customer Management Centers (ECC, CSC, CCC ) are now available at following 9 major towns .
  • Srikakulam

  • Vizianagaram

  • Visakhapatnam

  • Gajuwaka

  • Rajahmundry

  • Kakinada

  • Eluru

  • Bhimavaram

  • Narsapuram


1. Electricity Call Center (Dial: 180042555333) - (ECC) : A round-the-clock customer service center, enables customers to register their complaints remotely over phone by calling up a centralized phone number '155333' on a  24x7 basis (24 hours a day and 7 days a week).

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2. Customer Service Centers (CSC) : Customer Service Centers are single window clearance points for all customer-related activities (excluding collections of bills, arrears etc). Customers can apply for new connections, register their complaints with regard to meter-related problems, billing-related problems, new service connection/category change/title transfers etc. 

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Procedures have been made easy through Customer Service Centres till Sub Divisional level.
  • Customer Service Center handles requests or complaints from consumers for which documentation such as title transfer etc. is required to be produced by the customer.

  • For services for which no pole extension is required the services will be released within 48 hours (Cities and Towns) and 7 days (Rural Areas).

  • For requests related to new service connections consumers must carry the following documents for registration purposes.
    a. Proof of Ownership.
    b. Wiring Certificate (Commencement & completion) issued by the registered electrical contractor.

  • Consumers are given an acknowledgement of their request registrations with a unique registration number, which must be provided in all future references and  to know the current status of their requests.

  • The various type of complaints which will be addressed in the CSCs are Meter-related complaints, Billing-Related complaints, Disconnection-Related complaints, and any other customer service related complaints, the details of which are as given in the table below:

    S.No  Type of Complaint/ Request  Nature of Complaint / Request Service Level Time Frame 
    1.  Meter Related Meter Running Fast /Creeping 22 Days
        Meter Running Slow/Sluggish  22 Days
        Meter Stuck up 22 Days
        Shifting of meter 15 Days
        Meter Burnt 7 Days
        Other meter defects 22 Days
        Meter Glass Broken 7 Days
        Terminal Cover Not Sealed 7 Days
        Meter Seal Cut 7 Days
    2. Billing Related Surcharge Dispute 7 Days
        Back Billing Disputed 30 Days
        Late Bill Receipt 7 Days
        Meter Reading not taken 7 Days
        Door Locked Cases 7 Days
        Meter Reading on Trust 7 Days
        Bill not Served 7 Days
        Phase Correction 7 Days
        Category Correction 7 Days
        Issue of Duplicate Bill 3 Days
        Wrong SC No. entered while accepting CC Bill 7 Days
        Paid CC Bill in time but appeared  in D List 7 Days
        Security Deposit  not Printing on the Bill 7 Days
        Non effecting  of Category Change 7 Days
        Other Billing Related 15 Days
    3.  Other Customer Service Title Transfer 30 Days
        Non effecting of  Additional Load 7 Days
        Requirement of Additional Poles 10 Days
        Termination Request 30 Days
        Name Correction 15 Days
        Phase not printing on the Bill 7 Days
        Category not printing on the Bill 7 Days
        Contracted Load not printing on the Bill 7 Days
        Consumer Name not printing on the Bill 7 Days
        Non Effecting  of Name Transfer 7 Days
        Loose Span 10 Days
        Stay Wire Cut 10 Days
        Other/General 30 Days
        Category Change 7 Days
        Shifting of Service 5 Days
        Title Transfer 7 Days
        Line Tree Branches Touching 5 Days
        Non Effecting of Additional Load 7 Days
        Additional Complaint 15 Days
        New Connection Complaint 15 Days
        Reporting of Theft/Mal Practice 15 Days
        Category change 30 Days
        Address Correction 15 Days
        Shifting of service 15 Days
        Line shift 15 Days
        DTR Shift 15 Days
    3.  Voltage Fluctuation Voltage High 10 Days
        Voltage Low 10 Days
    4. Pole Related Complaints Pole Rusted/Damaged 10 Days
        Pole Leaning 10 Days
    3. Computerized Collection Center (CCC): Computerized Collection Center is a single point contact for customers for all DISCOM-related payments.
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    Online Registration of Complaints/Grievances: Customers can register complaints and view the status of the same through this online complaint registration channel. Grievances are handled on real-time basis ensuring prompt and assured services.

    Spot Billing:An innovative customer service initiative is the Spot Billing program where the meter readings are taken through hand held computer devices and bills are generated immediately at the customers’premises.

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